Sunday, October 23, 2011

Wonderful, Merciful Savior

Wonderful, merciful Savior
Precious Redeemer and Friend
Who would have thought that a Lamb
Could rescue the souls of men
Oh you rescue the souls of men

Counselor, Comforter, Keeper
Spirit we long to embrace
You offer hope when our hearts have
Hopelessly lost the way
Oh, we hopelessly lost the way

You are the One that we praise
You are the One we adore
You give the healing and grace
Our hearts always hunger for
Oh, our hearts always hunger for

Almighty, infinite Father
Faithfully loving Your own
Here in our weakness You find us
Falling before Your throne
Oh, we're falling before Your throne

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

He Knows My Name(music video)-with lyrics

I have a Maker
He formed my heart
Before even time began
My life was in His hands.

He knows my name
He knows my every thought
He sees each tear that falls
And He hears me when I call

I have a Father
He calls me His own
He'll never leave me
No matter where I go

youtube video by jackbigbox

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Dakilang Katapatan- (Great Faithfulness)-Papuri Singers:With English Translation

Sadyang kay buti ng ating Panginoon (God is really good)
Magtatapat sa habang panahon (He is Faithful forevermore)
Maging sa kabila ng aking pagkukulang (Despite of my weaknesses)
Biyaya nya'y patuloy na laan (His blessing is continually given)

Katulad ng pagsinag ng gintong araw (Just like the rising sun)
Patuoy syang magbibigay tanglaw (He continually gives light)
Kaya sa puso ko't damdamin (So in my heart and mind)
Katapatan Nya'y aking pupurihin (I will glorify His faithfulness)

Dakila ka O Diyos (You are a Great God)
Tapat ka ngang tunay (You are really faithful)
Magmula pa sa ugat ng aming lahi (From the root of my race)
Mundo'y magunaw man maaasahan kang lagi (Even if the world turns down, You can be trusted)
Maging hanggang wakas nitong buhay (Even until the end of life)

Kaya o Diyos Ika'y aking pupurihin (I will praise You O God)
Sa buong mundo'y aking aawitin (Throughout the world I will sing)
Dakila ang iyong katapatan (Great Is Thy Faithfulness)
Pag-ibig Mo'y walang hanggang (Your love is eternal)

Dakila Ka O Diyos (You are a Great God)
Sa habang panahon (Forevermore)
Katapatan mo'y matibay na sandigan (Your Faithfulness is a solid foundation)
Sa bawat pighati tagumpa'y man ay naroon (In every sorrow, there is victory)
Daluyan man ng pag asa kung kailanga'y hinahon (Even in discouragement, You give peace)
Pagibig mo'y alay sa amin noon hangang ngayon (Your love is offered to us from then till now)
Dakila ka o Diyos (You are a Great God)

Friday, August 26, 2011

Today More Than Yesterday

I want to say, "Good morning,"
I’ve come to say, "Good day,"
I’m here to say, "I love You,
Today more than yesterday."

I need Your love this morning,
I need Your light today,
I need Your voice to guide me,
Today more than yesterday.

If I don’t start my day with Your loving face,
If I run ahead in haste,
Then all that’s beautiful seems to slip away,
And I’m left with sorrow in its place.

So, I need Your gentle wisdom,
I need to see my way
I need the fog to vanish,
Today more than yesterday.

I feel Your love surround me,
I feel Your warmth today,
I feel Your arms around me
Today more than yesterday.

Each time I start my day with Your loving face,
When I lift my heart in praise,
Then all that’s beautiful seems to come my way,
And I find that gladness fills my day.

So, I need You here beside me,
I need Your kiss today,
I need Your voice inside me
Today more than yesterday.

Your love is like the breath of springtime
That warms the Earth & melts the snows,
Calling all life from its deep slumber
Out to the light & warmth of love,
and even so …

I must have Your love this morning,
I long for Your light today,
I need Your joy within me
Today more than yesterday,
Oh, way more than yesterday.
[I need You] today more than yesterday.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Always Trust In Jesus by Dale Schmucker

His daughter had died and all hope was gone
It seemed Jesus waited just a bit too long
But when it seemed that things had all gone wrong
Jesus went on and He gave them a song

Always trust in Jesus and He'll give you a song
Even when everything has all gone wrong
Just when it seems this time He's left you down
Always trust in Jesus and He'll give you a song

The winds and the waves were raging all around
Jesus was sleeping and the boat was going down
But when it seemed Jesus slept too long
OH He arose and He gave them a song

You look at your life and it's all broken down
You wonder why Jesus has waited so long
Keep trusting Him though everything seems wrong
Jesus will come and He'll give you a song

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Blessings by Laura Story

We pray for blessings, we pray for peace
Comfort for family, protection while we sleep
We pray for healing, for prosperity
We pray for Your mighty hand to ease our suffering

All the while, You hear each spoken need
Yet love us way too much to give us lesser things

Cause what if Your blessings come through raindrops?
What if Your healing comes through tears
What if a thousand sleepless nights
Are what it takes to know You’re near?

What if trials of this life
Are Your mercies in disguise?

We pray for wisdom, Your voice to hear
We cry in anger when we cannot feel You near
We doubt Your goodness, we doubt Your love
As if every promise from Your Word is not enough

And all the while You hear each desperate plea
And long that we'd have faith to believe
(repeat chorus)

When friends betray us, when darkness seems to win
We know the pain reminds this heart
That this is not, this is not our home
It's not our home
(repeat chorus)

What if my greatest disappointments
Or the aching of this life
Is the revealing of a greater thirst
This world can’t satisfy?

And what if trials of this life
The rain, the storms, the hardest nights
Are Your mercies in disguise?

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

With All I Am- Hillsong

Into Your hands I commit again.
With all I am, for You, Lord
You hold my world in the palm of Your hand
And I am Yours forever.

Jesus I believe in You
Jesus I belong to You
You’re the reason that I live
The reason that I sing with all I am.

I’ll walk with You wherever You go.
Through tears and joy, I’ll trust in You.
And I will live in all of Your ways
And Your promises, forever.

I will worship
I will worship You